The Best Poker Players of All Time

The Best Poker Players of All Time

Here’s a bunch of individuals who have made it big by sitting at a table, merely using their mental skills and the acumen to read the opponents’ facial expressions and turn the course of the game to their advantage. They have become famous by winning millions at poker tournaments. They are the best poker players and masters that knew how to bluff and when to fold perfectly. Their betting strategies have been exemplary. Listed below are the top five poker players in the world. Let’s try to learn a bit more about these best poker players of all time.

1. Bryn Kenney (USA) – $56 m

The Best Poker Players of All Time - Bryn Kenney (USA) - $56 m

Bryn Kenney’s name was shot to the top of the poker player rankings recently when he won more than $20 million in August 2019 at the Triton Super High Roller Series in London. This is perhaps the highest ever live win in poker history. He started playing in 2007 and since then has bagged many prizes in tournaments, including the WSOP Bracelet in 2014. With the total live wins so far amounting to $56 million, Kenney is considered the best poker player in the world today. His extraordinary bluffing acumen is one of the major factors that have made him a real success throughout his poker career.

2. Justin Bonomo (USA) – $49.12m

The Best Poker Players of All Time - Justin Bonomo (USA) - $49.12m

Justin Bonomo, known as ‘ZeeJustin’ among his fans, made his big win of $10 million in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2018. His recent wins have pushed his name up the chart to make him the second-best poker player ever, with his total wins amounting to $49.12 million. His position is thus the second on the list of the best poker players in the world. He appeared in the poker world during his teens in 2005, and since then, his analytical study of the opponents’ hands has helped him find success in his games. 

3. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – $42.05m

The Best Poker Players of All Time - Daniel Negreanu (Canada) - $42.05m

Daniel Negreanu from Canada is in the third position in the list of the world’s best poker players. He made his biggest ever win of $8.28 million in 2014 and won the title of the Best Poker Player of the Decade in the same year. He is the first-ever Poker player to make his way into the final table of all of the three bracelet-awarding locations of WSOP and win a bracelet in each of them. Apart from being the third on the top poker players’ chart, he is also known as a philanthropist for his close association with charity programs such as ‘Ante Up for Africa’ helping Darfur.

4. Erik Seidel (USA) – $37.08m

The Best Poker Players of All Time - Erik Seidel (USA) - $37.08m

In our search for the greatest poker player of all time, we find Erik Seidel in the fourth position. He was born in New York and currently resides in Las Vegas. He has won eight WSOP bracelets and one World Poker Tour title. He won his first Bracelet in 1992. Seidel was originally a Backgammon player, which was followed by his trading career in the American Stock market. Eventually, he moved on to the world of poker. The net worth of his wins is $37.08 million. Seidel is famous for his professional and pragmatic approach in poker, which has helped him win all the big prizes. His fans have created a music video for him by his nickname ‘Seiborg.’ 

5. Dan Smith (USA) – $36.74m

The Best Poker Players of All Time - Dan Smith  (USA) - $36.74m

Dan Smith was one of the youngest Poker players to attain a celebrity status when he found himself on the path of success. He has won many accolades during his career, including the World Poker Tour title. He was interested in chess earlier, which he thinks of as his first love. He admits that he didn’t become a good poker player at once. But he honed his poker skills through hard work after he broke up with his chess aspirations. The turning point in his career was in 2012 when he won the Aussie Millions 100k Challenge of more than AU$1 million and entered the list of the most famous poker players. His best-ever win is $8.76 million, which he won recently in the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series – London in August 2019.


What we just discussed are the most famous poker players in the world today. Among these top poker players are consistent winners as well as those who became famous overnight. But the list is not a fixed one; it is a live record that keeps changing. Toppers have been replaced many times with players at a bottom level by several notches. Thus, who would adorn the first position in the chart after every great tournament has always been a matter of great speculation.